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  • Profile of Longtai Fireworks Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of Changsha
    Longtai Fireworks Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of Changsha, a fireworks producing enterprise with long history, is located beside Liudong highway with a total area of 1,000 acres, more than 500 plants and construction area of over 20,000 square meters. For its gratifying performance and rapid development, the company has received the recognition and award from the governments of all levels. It has been named as “Excellent Fireworks Manufacturing Enterprise”, “Advanced Enterprise in Safety Production”, “Trustworthy Company”, and has been granted with “Liuyang’s Tax and Exports Contribution Award in 2011”. The main products of the company include cakes, rockets, roman candles, display shells and others, which can be divided into over 200 types of products. What’s more, these products are sold well in Europe and such countries as the United States, Argentina, the Netherlands and other countries and regions.
    Longtai Fireworks has been authenticated by the national quality management system, that is, ISO: 9001: 2008. For these years, the company has strengthened quality management of its products, developed such humane management philosophy as “people-oriented, inspire oriented” concept, and promoted the work spirit of “working hardly and decisively, thinking quickly to get outstanding achievement”. As a result, it has accomplished an enterprise with strong sense of cohesion and an excellent-pursuing workforce with the spirit of honesty, integrity and dedication.

    Company Address: Xijiang Village, Liuyang
    Postal Code: 410301
    Tel: 0731-83450158
    Fax: 0731-83451158

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